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Who Can Participate?

We will work with any West Virginia non-profit (501(c)(3)) organization or church. We ask that the items that are received from the Storehouse will be used to help West Virginia families. The Storehouse allows qualifying organizations to come and make a first visit after completing the Storehouse Application. Churches and non-profit groups may bring homeowners, who could benefit from the Building Materials, to the Storehouse.


Storehouse West Virginia has distributed more than $4 million in building materials, food, clothing, books, and personal care items to:

  • More than 470 organizations who serve in at least 39 of West Virginia's 55 counties,
  • 183 churches from at least 12 denominations,
  • 29 child care programs,
  • 27 food pantries,
  • 9 homeless programs,
  • 12 home rebuilding programs,
  • Mental health organizations,
  • and physical disability support groups.






We are waiting to see if we will receive new NIP Credits.


Please contact us if you are interested in NIP State Tax Credits.


Click here for more information on the program. Contact us to apply.

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