Silver Ring Thing – Charleston Visit

Students at the Silver Ring Thing in Charleston, WVThe Silver Ring Thing team made a return visit to Emmanuel Baptist Church on Thursday, October 9, 2014.  (In case you are curious, the last time they were at Emmanuel was April 2006.)  The team arrived on Wednesday evening and met with the youth group at Emmanuel Baptist, where they got to know the students and shared their testimonies.  After church that evening the team was taken to their host homes for a restful night and breakfast before returning to set up for the evening show. 

An event of this kind takes many from the community to make it possible.  Our thanks to:  The congregation and staff of Emmanuel Baptist Church for opening their facility and volunteering to help with all the details.  The families who opened their homes to house the team.  Cheerful Heart Catering and Subway of Dunbar for feeding the team.  The donors who helped to underwrite the cost: Maranatha Fellowship, Jasper Engines, and the WV Youth Encouragers Network donors.  We are also thankful for all the other volunteers who helped work the registration tables and set up and tore down all of the needed equipment.

“We never know how far the impact of this show will reach, but we got a small glimpse! Check out these stories from [a team member]: “Last night, I gave a sponsorship [so that she could have a Silver Ring] to a girl whose father just died of an overdose last week. Her two siblings are living with her mom, but she chose to leave the house because her mom is physically abusive and she does not feel safe. She is 13 years old.”

“I prayed with a girl, whose parents are divorced and are terrible examples… She crossed physical boundaries with her boyfriend once and [was] told her that she is going to turn out just like her mother. Her friends also make fun of her for her commitment.”  The preceding came from SRT team members.

Students, parents, and youth leaders who attended seemed to have a good evening and were challenged by the message the SRT team shared.  When we put on an event like this we know that it doesn’t cost any more to have 500 attend than it does to have 200 attend, so we want to have the house full.  Over the eleven years we have been bringing the Silver Ring Thing to West Virginia we have had over 5,400 attend with 2,872 (52.9%) choosing to put on a ring signifying their commitment to abstinence, and 712 (13.11%) coming forward to indicate they want a new or fresh relationship with Jesus.  (You can view all of the statistics by visiting   This show had a good, but smaller turnout, but 71 people (35.86%) went forward to learn about a relationship with Jesus.  Once again we are reminded that God is in control and can work in every situation.

If you would like to help bring the SRT team to your community please help us by connecting us with your youth leaders, or pastors, or by making a donation to help defray the cost, so we can keep these shows free to all who wish to attend.


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