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How To Donate Items

Have some items you would like to donate? We'd love to help you get them into the hands of nonprofit organizations who can put them to good use. Please call or email us to work out the details.

The Storehouse is a public charity; therefore donors may deduct the fair market value (FMV) of a gift to the Storehouse. The gift of certain products may qualify for a credit under Section 170(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This section allows firms to claim a deduction of up to twice the donor’s basis in the property, in certain circumstances. The Executive Director can supply general information on this type of gift, but prospective donors should contact their tax adviser for specific advice.





Thank you for your support, we have issued all of our NIP Credits. 

We hope to receive more next Fiscal year.


Please contact us if you are interested in NIP State Tax Credits.


Click here for more information on the program. Contact us to apply.

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