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 What is the Storehouse?

What is the Storehouse's mission?
What are the Storehouse's goals? How do products flow through the Storehouse?
Where is the Storehouse? When can I visit the Storehouse?
What types of products does the Storehouse receive? Who is eligible to receive items from the Storehouse?
How often can we visit the Storehouse? How can I partner with the Storehouse?
What are the advantages of partnership? How can my company donate to the Storehouse?
How do volunteers help at the Storehouse? Besides giving away products, does the Storehouse do anything else?


What is the Storehouse?

The Storehouse West Virginia™ is a Gifts-in-Kind warehouse that supplies surplus consumer goods to churches and non-profit organizations.

What is the Storehouse’s mission?

Storehouse West Virginia™ helps churches and non-profit organizations to meet the needs of the under-resourced in their communities by providing building materials and other consumer items, thus enabling more effective outreach.

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What are the goals of the Storehouse?

  • To distribute surplus consumer goods to charitable organizations enabling them to impact lives in their communities.
  • To assist organizations in the development and improvement of outreach programs.
  • Foster cooperation between diverse groups who are reaching their communities.

How do products flow through the Storehouse?

The Storehouse contacts manufacturers and retailers to arrange for the donation of excess products for distribution. Once the products are received at the Storehouse, volunteers will arrange, sort, and inventory the items. Storehouse partners, churches and other non-profit organizations are notified of the new items that have been received and invited to come and pick them up. At an arranged time, partners will pick up the items and share them with those they serve.

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Where is the Storehouse?

The Storehouse is located on Charleston’s East End, at 1313 Hansford Street. (Directions to the Storehouse)

When can I visit the Storehouse?

All visits to the Storehouse are by appointment. To arrange an appointment, contact the Storehouse by email at storehouse@believeinwv.org or by phone at (304) 552-7601. We try to schedule visits on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 10 AM and 5 PM, but we will work with your schedule.

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What types of products does the Storehouse receive?

We divide our products into two categories. The first we refer to as GiK (Gift-in-Kind) General Products (GP) which includes personal care items, food, drinks, clothing, and miscellaneous items. The second category is Building Materials (BM), which currently includes commodes, ceramic tile, some lighting fixtures, bathroom and kitchen sinks, doors, and a number of other items.

The BM may be used internally by the non-profit organizations for remodeling or in new facilities. Or, they may be used to help community members in the areas they serve. Since we only work with organizations, not individuals, in order for a community member to obtain building materials from the Storehouse they would need to be sponsored by a non-profit organization.

Lists of our current inventory items are available on our website.

Who is eligible to receive items from the Storehouse?

We will work with any West Virginia non-profit (501(c)(3)) organization or church. We ask that the items that are received from the Storehouse will be used to help West Virginia families. The Storehouse allows qualifying organizations to come and make a first visit after completing the Storehouse Application. Churches and non-profit groups may bring homeowners, who could benefit from the Building Materials, to the Storehouse.

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How often can we visit the Storehouse?

When picking up GiK General Products organizations may visit the Storehouse once every 30 days. There is no waiting period to pick up Building Materials. All visits are by appointment.

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How can I partner with the Storehouse?

Organizations that see the value of the Storehouse are given the opportunity to be a Storehouse Partner. Partnership includes contributing an annual Partnership fee, which is based on the organization’s annual budget, and volunteering time. Partnership contributions will help Storehouse West Virginia™ remain financially viable.

What are the advantages of partnership?

Organizations that are able to financially partner with the Storehouse will receive first notification of new products after they are received. They will be given a period to obtain the new items before the list is sent to other organizations.

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How can my company donate to the Storehouse?

The Storehouse is a public charity and therefore donors may deduct the fair market value (FMV) of a gift to the Storehouse. The gift of certain products may qualify for a credit under Section 170(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This section allows firms to claim a deduction of up to twice the donor’s basis in the property, in certain circumstances. The Executive Director can supply general information on this type of gift, but prospective donors should contact their tax advisor for specific advice.

How do volunteers help at the Storehouse?

The Storehouse relies on the help of volunteers to complete all the tasks required to meet the needs of our recipients. Individuals and groups are encouraged to consider spending time working at the Storehouse. Help is needed in the following areas:

Administrative help: database entry, inventory control, correspondence
Warehouse help:  – loading and unloading of vehicles, arranging product on racks, preparing product for distribution
Product processing: sorting, repairing, repackage of donated goods

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Besides giving away products does the Storehouse do anything else?

The Storehouse has three other goals that go beyond the distribution of Gift-in-Kind products. The first is for The Storehouse to help churches, and non-profit groups, better meet the needs in their communities, through the sharing of innovative outreach ideas and methods.

The second is to encourage cooperation between churches so they can more effectively meet the needs of their communities, and carry out their mission.

Finally, we hope to broaden the understanding of our volunteers, and partners, to the extent of the need in West Virginia.

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