Good360 Relationship

Believe in WV is proud to parter with Good 360 to help more people in our community.The Storehouse is finishing its first year as a Certified Redistribution Partner (CRP) with the international charity Good360.  As one of only 34 CRPs in the country we feel blessed to have developed this relationship, which has already allowed us to pass on substantial savings to nonprofit organizations throughout the region. 

Good360 defines CRPs as “qualified and approved nonprofits that operate warehouses and have committed to redistribute Good360 products in their service area. They accept large amounts of donated products and break them down for distribution to smaller nonprofit organizations in their community. They have the ability to grant a special membership status to all of the qualified nonprofit members in their network.” 

This definition matches the way we describe the work of the Storehouse, bringing in items by the tractor trailer load and distributing them by the car, van, or truckload.  Our goal with everything we bring in is to save the receiving organizations money, so they can reach more people in need.

One of the first things we did as a Good360 CRP was to bring in two truckloads of Tempur-Pedic mattresses.  Through these shipments we were able to distribute a mixture of twin, full, and queen size mattresses to more than seven different community organizations.  Two of these organizations were able to take a large number of the mattresses to cut costs on some upcoming projects.  Southern Appalachian Labor School (SALS) is a Fayette County organization brings in summer work groups each year to help fix up homes for people in the area. They were able to take the mattresses they received from the Storehouse to help furnish a bunk house where the summer work groups can stay while they are working.  Christ Temple Church in Huntington will be using the mattresses they received to benefit their partnership with a group that is remodeling Huntington’s Prichard Building.  They are transforming the building into Hope Tower.   Their vision is to build “a life transformation center with a goal of having over 500 beds that will offer all levels of the solution concerning dependency upon drugs and alcohol.”  The 50 mattresses they received from the Storehouse will accommodate their first residents. 

Our relationship with Good360 has also allowed us to bring in thousands of items from Home Depot, excess products from the Disney Store, and a large pallet of Huggies brand diapers.  We continue to look for new products that we can bring in to help those organizations that are meeting the needs of the less fortunate in West Virginia.  Your donations can help us cover the cost of bringing these products to West Virginia.


Thank you for your support, we have issued all of our NIP Credits. 

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