Imagine for a moment, what would happen in the Kanawha Valley if 800 men, many of whom do not regularly attend church, were introduced to Jesus. Believe in West Virginia, through the Joseph Project, is working to bring area business, ministry, and church leaders together to allow this to happen. How, you might ask. By bringing former NFL coach Joe Gibbs to Charleston.

Joe Gibbs is a Super Bowl winning football coach and the owner of a NASCAR team. Through a local leadership team, we have invited Coach Gibbs to come to Charleston on October 9, 2013 for a “Game Plan for Life Outreach Breakfast”. At the breakfast, Coach Gibbs will talk about his career as the Washington Redskins head coach (where he won 3 Super Bowls), and his experiences as a NASCSAR team owner (his team includes Car #11 – FedEx car driven by Denny Hamlin, car #18 – M&M car driven by Kyle Busch, and car #20 – Home Depot/Husky car driven by Matt Kenseth).

Additionally, he will give everyone who attends a copy of his New York Times bestselling book, “Game Plan for Life.” After breakfast he will be available to sign books and pose for pictures. Here is a quick overview of his book:

Written with the sports fan in mind, this book is an “average Joe’s” guide to what the Bible has to say about 11 important topics for men such as finances, relationships, physical and spiritual health, occupation, overcoming sin and addiction among others. Along with Joe’s stories about his success (and failures), the book contains contributions from 11 experts on each of the topics.

Coach Gibbs, who covers all of his costs for attending, will share his testimony, point people back to the Bible, and talk about how to have victory in their lives. The breakfast’s aim is to connect practicing Christians with non-believers or those who don’t go to church but may be interested in and find inspiration in Gibbs speech.

After attending an event earlier this year one man wrote:

I am impressed by Coach Gibb’s victories and accomplishments, but I was impacted even more by his candor and willingness to share his defeats. We may not win Super Bowls or NASCAR championships, but we all relate to God’s tender direction as He navigates us through our failures.

This event will not be advertised to the public and the only way to attend is to either sponsor a table or be invited to join a sponsor, but we hope that many in the community will know about Coach Gibbs coming to Charleston. The only place in Charleston to host a breakfast for 1,000 people is the Charleston Civic Center, so we will meet there for breakfast and a chance to hear and meet Coach Gibbs. If you have questions, or would like to be involved with this event please contact our Executive Director.

What is Game Plan For Life?

Get Involved

We need volunteers and financial supporters to make this event a success. First and foremost, we need table hosts who are willing to donate their time, as well as financially support this effort.

Table Host Responsibilities

  1. Cover the cost of a table (or part of a table)
  2. Invite your non-believing /non-church going friends and acquaintances to the breakfast.
  3. Each table has ten (10) seats, which includes you
  4. Contact those at your table who had pictures taken with the coach
  5. Host a small group book study, after the breakfast, for those who sat at your table

There will be a Host Training Camp to prepare you for leading a group and where you will receive the Small Group Material, on Saturday, Saturday, Sept. 21.

Outreach Breakfast


Civic Center

Charleston, WV

October 9, 2013


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