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Evans Lumber Donation


South Charleston, WV – An army of volunteers descended on Evans Lumber on April 2, 2012. After 82 years of business Evans Lumber closed their doors to the public for the last time on Friday, March 30, 2012. Evans has donated its remaining inventory to Storehouse West Virginia TM, a ministry project of Believe in West Virginia.

Volunteers packed up the remaining items and loading them on donated trucks to be transported to the Storehouse West Virginia™ space in Charleston. Once the items have been sorted they will be made available to churches and charities who serve the people of West Virginia.

Storehouse West Virginia™ is a gifts-in-kind warehouse that receives new product from manufacturers and retailers and makes them available to churches and non-profit organizations at no charge. We will work with any West Virginia non-profit (501(c)(3)) organization or church. We divide our products into two categories: GiK (Gift-in-Kind) General Products (GP) which includes personal care items, food, drinks, clothing, and miscellaneous items. The second category is Building Materials (BM), which currently includes commodes, ceramic tile, windows, some lighting fixtures, bathroom and kitchen sinks, doors, and a number of other items.

The BM may be used internally by the non-profit organizations for remodeling or in new facilities; or they may be used to help the families of clients with whom they work.  Since we only work with organizations, not individuals, a family they would need to be sponsored by a non-profit organization or church to obtain materials from the Storehouse.

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